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There are three main reasons why some colours are more effective at catching fish at different times.

1.  LOCAL FEEDING CONDITIONS:  In other words predator fish will often prefer lures the same colour as the bait fish they most often feed on.

2.  LIGHT CONDITIONS:  In bright light conditions, chrome, pink and white, blue and white and green and yellow, will normally work with equal effectiveness, but in overcast low light conditions brightly coloured lures are more effective, such as pink and white and eyllow and green because they are far more visible in the water.

3.  VISIBILITY OF WATER:  When the water is dirty or murky as is normally the case after a storm or when the water is heavy with plankton yellow and green can be more effective than other colours, being more visible in these conditions.

REMEMBER:  It pays to keep an open mind where colours are concerned for the reasons listed and to experiment and use what ever works best on the day.

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